HAHAHAHHAH remember when we told you Waka Flocka became a celebrity activist for PETA? Soooo random. Well it's still not a joke. Rumor Fix went behind the scenes of the Atlanta rapper's photoshoot for the "Ink Not Mink" campaign and got some answers from him on why he agreed to join PETA. Some quotables:

  • "We had a family dog named after my momma."
  • "I don't want nobody to beat my dog, skin my dog, whoop my dog."
  • On wearing minks, furs, animal skin: "It's nasty."
  • "I got ink man, I don't need no mink."
  • Preach Waka, preeeeach. Does this mean he'll never do a collab with Animal-Killa Cam? What a shame. Watch the video below for yourself, see his surprising pot belly and hear him say "Googling." Then take our style poll!

    [via Crunk & Disorderly]