CurT@!n$ is a New Yorker with a great sense of style. Just ask Kanye, who happened to call the Brooklyn rapper a "fashion genius" in our 2007 April/May issue. We asked CurT@!n$ to contribute to the Style channel with a 7-day lookbook. Peep what he has to say about what he wears and why he wears it. This is Day 7…

Day 7: Today I was def feeling rock 'n' roll. This vest makes a statement so I had to dumb down everything else. This is my "too cool for school" look.

Marc Jacobs Hat: The green stands out against the black and gold backdrop of the rest of the outfit. Like I always preach, cashmere is the way to go for headwear, especially in the wintertime.

Vintage Jacket: I got this jacket a few years ago at a vintage shop on Melrose in LA. This was actually my first perfecto style jacket. I've since outgrew the jacket and I barely wear it, but when I do, it always brings me back to when I first got into this style of coat. I think all of my leather jackets are this style and I always see more variations and I want 'em all. If you had to describe CurT@!n$ with a garment, then this jacket would definitely be it. This jacket oozes cool.

Bess NY Vest: Now my boy Rich bought this vest and it was too small for him, but I lucked up because the vest fit me perfectly. Honestly, I wasn't the biggest fan of wearing the vest on its own. I kind of put it off to the side 'til one day my brother Torch layered it over the leather and did some snap thing on the shoulder that made it look like one piece. Once he did that, the vest was back on my radar. This is definitely a conversation piece. People always comment, stare, or wanna touch the vest every time I wear it. This piece makes the outfit full-blown superstar status.
Alstyle Apparel T-Shirt: Perfect T-shirt for this outfit. Simplicity is always the key. You never wanna overdo it when you dress.

Dior Homme Jeans: At this point you should understand my affinity for these jeans. They work well with any outfit, any scenario, any piece. Pure perfection.

Gucci Sneakers: Now back when The Clipse first dropped "Grindin'" and Pusha T rapped, "Gucci Chuck Taylors with the dragon on the side," I was one of the few people who knew and was up on what he was talking 'bout. I had to have about five pairs of these in various colors back in the day. These are some of the most coveted sneakers ever. I found these at a consignment store not too long ago and had to bring 'em back. These are some joints you can't wear everyday, but when you pull 'em out, it's a moment.