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Part of Complex's Style and Design package looks at the new style frontiers—the emerging areas that are helping to push global trends. We'll continue to look at Japan for both inspiration and cultural influence, but as the world shrinks, the spots we're checking for are going beyond that little island in the East. South Korea is making moves, so we got up with Jayass, the founder of HUMANTREE, and owner/creative director of the clothing brand Buried Alive to take us through trends that are currently popping in his hometown of Seoul. Hit the jump for his list of 10 things you should be up on coming out of Seoul...

<!--more-->Seoul_Kim_Yeon_ah1. KIM YU-NA
Jayass says: "This ice figure skater is an icon right now in Korea."

Jayass says: "A Korean traditional rice alcohol. It's popular for young people out partying and with Japanese tourists."

Jayass says: "A free chat application for Korean iPhone users. Everyone with an iPhone uses Kakao Talk, kind of like BBM on BlackBerry in the States."

Hot6ix4. HOT6
Jayass says: "A new Korean energy drink. We don't have Red Bull in Korea so it's kind of a fake RedBull, but it's funny because the name sounds like 'Hot Sex.'"

SeoulKoreaNeighborhood5. GAROSU-GIL
Jayass says: "A good neighborhood in Seoul. There are lots of fancy cafes and restaurants here, and this is where all of the good stores, galleries, and studios are."

Jayass says: "There are lots of local streetwear brands channeling Scandinavia these days. Young people are wearing retro rave fashion with strange cuts and vintage colors."

Seoul_BuriedAlive7. BURIED ALIVE
Jayass says: "I recommend Buried Alive for sho! It's my brand, and it is one of the O.G. Korean streetwear labels with funky and hardcore graphic tees. We also do fine cut-and-sew pieces."

Jayass says: "Like a lot of cities during the summer, there are lots of outdoor music festivals here. We go out and listen to music, dance, drink, chill, and relax. In Seoul, we can drink alcohol everywhere so it's always fun when you can hang out and hold a can of beer in your hand."

Seoul_BigBang9. BIG BANG
Jayass says: "This is one of best idol groups in Korea. They are not just music, they are also a big fashion influence on Korean culture. Their company is YG, and they always make good music with good producers. Big Bang's new album is coming out soon, so Korean young girls will be going crazy."

Seoul_World_Cup10. THE 2010 WORLD CUP
Jayass says: "Uhu! No comment about this! The Korean street cheer movement got so crazy. Everybody wearing red tees and going nuts out into the streets. It was real hell."