Kirsty Whiten is an incredible Scottish visual artist whose series of dead monkeys is hauntingly beautiful, absurdly serene, and not at all sensationalistic and eye-rolly as the description sounds. [It's Nice That]

Since there's nothing more grueling than dragging your sun-burnt, beer-bloated, bleary-eyed self back into the office after a long, glorious, windswept, EPIC holiday weekend, here are some pictures of really elaborate sand castles. It helps. There are dragons. [Curated Mag]

Here is an infographic that illustrates a country's leader's salary as compared to that country's GDP. It looks like a gun. And is gross on many, many levels. Aaaaaaand, we're back to the real world. Happy Tuesday.
[The Economist]

And in other lofty and serious news, here is a cat being rickrolled. It is kinda awesome. And yes, it has EVERYTHING to do with both style and design. [Via]

Boundless Radio is back and featuring two mixes by none other than the lovely folks at Big City Records and the DJs of the Lost and Found Crew. Cop them here. [Boundless NY]

To commemorate the first birthday of their ZOZOTOWN boutique, BBC and Ice Cream have each released T-shirts. They are sick. [Hypebeast]