OK. Straight up. This is not freshman ish. Fewer things speak to sartorial expertise more than a guy who can confidently wear a suit, in a summer weight, in a non-dark color. There's this HUGE barrier to entry and it's understandable, but the minute you throw on a well-cut, khaki suit with two buttons, tapered leg, narrow lapel, (wait for it) no socks, and well-worn hard-bottoms, you are an unflappable man who is unafraid of looking GREAT. Our Fashion Editor adds that if you must, socks are fine but you must select socks "with purpose," and should you go without then (please) "baby powder those shoes and lotion those ankles." She'd be real grateful. And if khaki poses a problem for matching, you can't go wrong with a pale yellow shirt, charcoal shirt, light pink (if you're feeling British), or even denim.