Summer ties are lean, light, and bright. Brooklyn tie-makers Pierrepont Hicks unveils some of the very best. [Kempt]

Here is a preview of what will be on display at the Heller Gallery in the Meatpacking District during New York Design Week. The glass-based pieces are a part of an exhibition entitled Breakable. [Core 77]

Maison Martin Margiela "Smoker" Shirts feature a small pocket-in-a-pocket for holding your cigarettes. [Selectism]

Here are no less than two dozen people who look like Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. Alarming similarities with extra points for nailing "the albino from The Princess Bride," because that shit is uncanny. [BuzzFeed]

Currently only available in Switzerland and Japan, the optical company iSee has created a "spray lens"--a colored liquid contact that you SPRAY onto your eyeballs. Perfect for those squeamish people who have problems touching the surface of their eye but none whatsoever with squirting some as yet USDA-approved substance on it. [ASVOF]

Did you know that French brand Kitsuné gets its name from the Japanese word for "fox"? Neither did we! Learn all about the label and its founders from this fantastic interview. [Hypebeast]

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