11.paragonNAME: Paragon

OCCUPATION: Artist/Songwriter

HOME BASE: Stockholm


JACKET: The North Face

BUTTON-UP SHIRT: Polo Ralph Lauren

SHIRT: Ensemble

JEANS: Cheap Monday

SNEAKERS: Air Jordan

WATCH: G-Shock

How does Stockholm's style differ from other cities? I think it's a melting pot of different styles. People are really conscious about what they're wearing and it's not that big of a city so when something is 'in style' you notice it quickly.

Favorite thing about living in Stockholm? Beautiful ladies, beautiful architecture, and beautiful summers when they decide to come around.

Least favorite thing about living in Stockholm? Probably the endless winters.

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Best place to buy sneakers? Six Feet Down and Sneakers n Stuff.

Favorite rap song? "Can't Tell Me Nothing" by Kanye West.

Favorite hangout spot? Nothing like creating new music in the studio.

Favorite place to visit? I like Paris and New York. I also want to go back to London and Rome.

Favorite food? Italian.

I never leave the house without... My iPhone.

What inspires your style? The weather outside.

What city has the best style? I think you can find great style everywhere.

What movie best captures your style? Back to the Future.

Who has wack style? Whoever's still wearing tall tees.

What trend should die? Petty mindedness.

Last clothing item you purchased? Something from Ralph Lauren.

Most money ever spent on clothing? Probably a couple of hundreds for some Jordans.

Favorite website? Complex.com.

Favorite online shop? eBay!

What do you collect? Sneakers I guess.

Favorite brand? This up-and-coming brand from Stockholm called Ensemble.

Favorite tech gadget? My iPhone or my laptop.

Most common statement about your style? You match!

Item you most regret buying? This brown leather jacket that's just collecting dust.

What do you see as the next big trend? The return of the throwback jersey...maybe.

Favorite city? Stockholm.

Dream job? If not music it would have to be something in clothing.

Dream date? If you ask my girlfriend it's Rosario Dawson, but it's really my girlfriend.

Last book read? Sheraton Years by Martin Karlsson. It's a book about the Stockholm skate scene during the '90s.

Trend proof style advice? Just wear the basic stuff: blue jeans, white sneakers, crewnecks and flannels.

Photo by Marguerite Seger

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