jeremiahMONFEB1NAME: Jeremiah Mandel

AGE: 29

OCCUPATION: Aloha Rag Creative Manager / Photographer

HOME BASE: NY/Honolulu

HAT: Vintage '60s Woolrich

SCARF: John Hanly & Co.

JACKET: Let it Ride (Japan) Stadium Jacket

SHIRT: L.L. Bean Chamois Shirt

JEANS: Aloha Rag House Label Jeans

SHOES: Jack Spade for Sperry

What is your favorite winter trend? Warmth.

Must have item for winter? Comfortable scarves.

What sneaker style are you rocking this season? Suede oxfords.

What is a cold weather don't? Synthetic fleece.

What inspires your style? How much time I have between when I wake up and when I have to be to work.

Last clothing item you purchased? Vintage Cowichan sweater at Bobby's from Boston.

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Most money spent on a single item of clothing? Never kiss and tell.

Favorite website? Born Tired.

What do you collect? Moments.

Favorite brand? Nom De Guerre.

Favorite tech gadget? Ricoh GXR.

Favorite city? New York City.

What is your dream job? Living life.

Who is your dream date? Syvan and a Hot Air Balloon.

Last book read? The Smiths: Songs That Saved Your Life by Simon Goddard.

Trend proof style advice? Wear Socks, even if there footies, where them!

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