STORE: Format

CITY: Queens, New York

SINCE: 2008

FOUNDED BY: Nigel Sylvester, Nigel Sparkes, Jason "Cheech" Hall & Sean Ewing

BRANDS CARRIED: Format, Animal Bike Co., Skavenger, Huf, Diamond Supply, 10.Deep, Acapulco Gold, Quintin, Nike 6.0, Etnies, Clae, The Hundreds, Mirra Co., Fit Bikes, Odyssey Bikes, etc.

WHY WE CO-SIGN: With Downtown Manhattan full of spots like Reed Space, Alife and DQM that supply clothing and equipment for the streetwear and skateboarding set, people might easily overlook what the other boroughs might have to offer when it comes to lifestyle shops in New York City. One that shouldn't get past anyone's radar is Format, a stand out boutique in Rego Park, Queens that caters not only to hypebeasts and sneakerheads, but the city's BMX bunch who need proper equipment and gear to ride around the neighborhood or to hit the parks.

"I always had a bike, but there was no shop for me to hang out at", says BMX star (and Complex homie) Nigel Sylvester, citing the reason he decided to open Format. The shop offers a tasteful selection of apparel and footwear from the usual suspects such as MHI, Huf, and Clae, as well as BMX frames and accessories from established bike brands. In addition, just as Nigel had intended, Format has become a local hub for BMX riders (i.e. the Animal Bike Team), skaters, DJs, and others that just want to be down. Bottom line, if you want all the latest kicks and tee's and are more into pedaling than kick, pushing, Format is where you need to be.

Keep reading for an interview with owners Nigel Sparkes and Jason "Cheech" Hall as well as pics of the store...

Complex: What are some of the most popular items from the store?
Nigel: Nike 6.0 Mavrk, products from Animal Bike Co. (clothing, bike parts etc.), Skavenger, Mirra Co., Chocolate frame, products from Format (we don't produce much, but when we do, they sell out fast!) 

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Complex: What sets your store apart from others like it?
Nigel: We do BMX. There are not many stores that cater to the BMX, sneaker and streetwear markets.

Complex: What is your favorite item in stock at the store?
Nigel: Acapulco Gold "OG" Fitted Cap w/ Run DMC on the underbill—it just says "Queens" all over it. Also, Mk13 "Maestro Knows" tee.

Cheech: Our Gatorade refrigerator.


Complex: Who are your style icons?
Cheech: Ralph Lauren, my parents and Slick Rick.

Complex: Are there any special projects or collaborations in the works for the near future?
Nigel: The launch of our Format brand, Gatorade x Nigel Sylvester Project, a collabo with Quintin Hats, Animal Bikes...

Complex: Celebrities/editors/industry people that frequent the store?
Nigel: Levi Meastro, 13th Witness, COTN, Lydia Ceasar, 5th Platoon DJs, and Da Union DJs.

Complex: What should people look forward to and get excited for in Spring 2010?
Nigel: As far as Spring 2010 look out for The Hundreds Hermes Logo Rip Tee, as well as some dope cut and sewn pieces from 10.Deep. We also have the MK13 "Maestro Knows" tee, New fitteds from Frank 151, the new Crooks & Castle Shoes, The Hundreds kicks and, always, dope kicks coming from Nike. Also watch out for what Nigel Sylvester has coming out, the madness starts this February!

92-29 Queens Blvd Ste. CU-4
Rego Park, NY 11374