After you've done a Disney collabo, apparently it's on to the DeLorean Motor Co. The Hundreds x DeLorean is in the works, and here are some photos that were taken at the car company's factory in Houston, TX. [Freshness Mag]

Hey PETA: How about you go fucking kill yourself. [Eat Me Daily]

"Eric Wareheim, music video director of the year." Agreed. [The World's Best Ever]

Warp used to be a sick surf/skate/snow/music magazine in the US. Now it's a crazy cool Japan rag. And they have a webstore. [Warp]

It's not really style or design, but just so you know, Obama sucks at golf. [Gawker]

The World's Got Problems according to Freshjive, and this t-shirt takes a jab at the current leader of the free world (who sucks at golf). [URB]