Carhartt Europe is publishing graffiti historian Andrea Caputo's new book, All City Writers. Reading! [Mash Kulture]

A $100,000 payout sounds good to us. Levi's scavenger hunt on deck. Where the money buried at? [Selectism]

The Kindle drops in price and goes global. Yay? [Wired]

Louis Vuitton new 2009 Fall/Winter men's sunglasses line. Millionaires to kill the glare, or something like that - we don't speak French. [Solediction]

The third installment of Billionare Boy's Club "Space Beach" line hits the Ice Cream store this week. Still heavy on the Ray-gun logo, but the collection is more mature with key pieces like tweed jackets, ties, and scarves. [Hypebeast]

T-shirts/graphics game champ FUCT works with sweats connoisseur Champion. [Slamxhype]

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