Today, the art world mourns the loss of downtown golden boy Dash Snow, the 27-year old New York artist who reportedly passed away. Snow was known for his multimedia installations, photography, and painting and exhibited in galleries and museums including The Royal Academy in London, the Whitney Museum of American Art's 2006 Biennial, Deitch Projects, Saatchi Gallery, Peres Projects and the Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery in New York.

Snow was an alternative icon, and perhaps you were familiar with his work. If not, read on below for our quick look-back at 5 of his greatest works...


SACER (1990s-)
• Snow was one of the founders of the IRAK graf crew, an iconic NYC group.


Fuck the Police (2005)
• A series of NY Post headlines themed around police corruption, and adorned with Snow's dried semen.


Dash Snow Polaroids (2006)
• Snow took Polaroids since he was an early teenager, using the medium to document wild nights and life in the city. He began displaying the work in the mid 2000's.


Nest (2007)
• The "Nest" exhibit was the result of repeated late nights at the Deitch space, a collection of party remnants and 3000 shredded phone books.


Photographs (2008-2009)
• Snow continued to document the life he lead, and donated a series of photographs along with his art dealer Javier Peres to the Brooklym Museum this spring.