The new issue of Pentagram Papers, a book produced by the Pentagram firm focuses on the plight of the homeless. Check it. [Pentagram]

Photos from the Dash Snow memorial exhibit at Deitch Projects. [Hypebeast]

For those with recession bomb shelters, James Perse has debuted a new a ping pong table for your consumption enjoyment. [Selectism]

Denim head alert: Levi's Vintage collabs with Cone Mills. [Slam x Hype]

If you missed the red Visvim backpack from a while back (or couldn't afford it), Nike SB is coming through with something similar. [Freshness]

A preview of things to come: Alexander Wang Spring 2010. []

Check a new featurette on Where the Wild Things are. [Limited Hype]

Twine skeleton sculptures by "Jim". [Life Lounge]