BRAND: Quiksilver Limited

SINCE: 1970

HOME BASE: Huntington Beach, California

FOUNDED BY: Robert B. McKnight and Alan Green

WHY WE COSIGN: Ever since founder Alan Green started Quiksilver in 1970, the Australian-born, SoCal-raised clothing brand has been synonymous with surfing. That reputation was due mostly to the eclectic Simon Buttonshaw-designed board shorts that helped build the brand's reputation as cutting-edge and just flat-out cool. Moving past board shorts, Quiksilver began to develop a full clothing and accessories line featuring everything from surfwear to snowboarding gear, as it grew to become one of the biggest sportswear companies on the planet (it now owns DC and Hawk).

Now looking to go upscale with its wares for Fall 2009, Quiksilver's upcoming premium collection, titled Quiksilver Limited, will, of course, feature pieces heavily influenced by surf culture as well as the artwork of Simon Buttonshaw and his classic Tom-Tom print. According to the folks over at QS, Quiksilver Limited is a look into future of the brand as a whole. "The Quiksilver Limited Collection is the bleeding edge of Quiksilver style," says Design Director Steve Fontes. "It is progressive, modern, creative, refined, and casual all at the same time. We strive for fresh and innovative takes on contemporary silhouettes." Even surfers gotta grow up at some point, right?

WHERE TO FIND IT: Quiksilver

See below for pics from the Fall 2009 Collection...