diegoNAME: Diego

AGE: 23

OCCUPATION: Chanel Sales Representative

HOME BASE: Brooklyn

HAT: Supreme

SHIRT: Supreme


PANTS: Gucci

WATCH: G-Shock


What are you saving up for the summer? Red pair of Louis Vuitton Millionaire sunglasses.

What summer trends have you seen? I have a feeling Polo Ralph Lauren is making a comeback.

What is the sneaker style you are rocking this season? Louis Vuitton boat shoes and Lanvin high-tops.

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What's your summer drink? Champagne and mango Malibu.

Who inspires your style? Kanye West, Taz Arnold, and Marc Jacobs.

What city has the best style? Tokyo and New York.

Who has wack style? Drake.

Favorite website? Worldstarhiphop.com.

What do you collect? Hats and sneakers.

What is your favorite brand? Gucci.

What do chicks dig about your style? It's 5th Avenue meets Soho.

What's the most common statement people make about your style? They've never seen me with the same clothes.

What's the item currently in your closet you most regret buying? A pair of Bally sneakers.

What do you see as the next big trend? Bow ties.

What is your favorite city? New York.

What is your dream job? A superstar or a personal stylist.

Who is your dream date? Cassie.

Last book read? Crime and Punishment, by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

What is your trend proof style advice for our readers? Always wear what represents you.

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