STORE: Fremont

CITY: Los Angeles

SINCE: 2008

FOUNDED BY: Devin Carlson and Britney Pham

PRICES: $$$ (out of 5)

WHY WE COSIGN: It was only a matter of time before L.A.-based Fremont Apparel Co. got popular enough to outgrow the boutiques its clothing was carried in. And finally, last year, owners Devin Carlson and Britney Pham opened up a cool, minimalist (there's not even a sign outside the store) retail space in downtown L.A. that perfectly falls in line with the Fremont aesthetic. Which is good because the Fremont aesthetic is a great look for the summer.

Why? Fremont specializes in creating garments incorporating lightweight fabrics, whether it's denim, pima cotton shirts or gingham button-downs. No matter the item, you can be sure you'll feel as cool as you look while rocking it, 'cause it's damn near impossible to look fly when you're sweating like Robin Williams. And although the collection carries a heavy vintage inspiration, the looks are simple enough to be accessible to everyone.

BRANDS CARRIED: Fremont Apparel, which can also be found at Opening Ceremony, Jake, Blackbird Ballard, Barneys New York in July, OAK NYC.

See below for the store's most popular items, more pictures of the space, as well as a quote from the founder...

MOST POPULAR ITEMS: MOTS Chambray Workmen's Woven Shirt (on left) and Fauntleroy 2 Face Gaze Woven Shirt (on right)

"Originally, we were inspired by the luxurious lifestyle of the mid-20th century resort movement. This inspiration has always induced a classic design aesthetic that speaks to the current generation. We try to set our design apart from other collections by experimenting with different processes to finish and treat fabrics giving them unique textures & characteristics. Inspiration is drawn from everything surrounding us, whether it be the early 20th century commercial buildings of the old bank district (where we currently operate) or the spirit and energy of the different places we visit. Our creative process is an overall natural progression," says founder Devin Carlson.

120 W 4th Street
Los Angeles CA 90013
Monday - Friday 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Sunday - by appointment only