SINCE: 2008

HOME BASE: Costa Mesa, California

FOUNDED BY: Frank Delgadillo

WHY WE COSIGN: The lifestyle-apparel and accessories brand Comune is inspired by active sports, fashion, art, and music, and designs affordable clothes for comfort and functionality. Founder Frank Delgadillo started the clothing label Ambiguous in his college dorm room in 1996, and is perfecting his craft with this new label. "We got together on the premise that we'd inspire each other by just doing the work that we do as individuals, in our own mediums. It is a truly authentic group of creative minds, artistic hands, and creative athletes, so something good was bound to come out of it," says Delgadillo. Decide for yourself by checking the collection after the jump.

Comune's art studio and gallery is made up of recycled steel shipping containers, a solid eco-look look inspired by the notorious Drop City hippie commune from the '60s. The brand will hold its Fall 2009 preview there on June 27, featuring artists Corey Smith, Hunter Longe, Jason Lee Parry, Shelby Menzel, Jimmy Fontaine and Gareth Stehr.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Fall 2009 collection drops July 1 and will be available at American Rag, Matthew Izzo, Urban Outfitters, Active Ride Shop, Revolve Clothing, Clothing Brigade, The Closet, Standard Boardshop and Milosport.

Hit the jump for pics from the Fall 2009 collection...
DEREK JACKET $124, Available July 1

LEE JACKET $158, Available July 1

MAC SWEATER $62, Available July 1st

LP DENIM $68, Available July 1