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It’s been a year since WWE went remote, trading its live audience reactions for piped-in sound and its globally touring juggernaut for the pyro-friendly Thunderdome. But now, for Wrestlemania 37, WWE is bringing the fans back.

Twenty-five thousand fans, on both Night 1 and Night 2, will be in attendance at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida—that’s approximately 36% capacity. And ultimately, this will be the test of how well WWE has weathered the pandemic. How well have they built to these matches, despite the obstacles in front of them? Are the fans invested in what’s happening, or are the wrestlers fighting for their attention? There’s a lot riding on Wrestlemania 37, and it will chart the course forward in a post-pandemic world.

Here are the craziest rumors we’ve heard this past week, along with official predictions for the matches over the weekend.