Every morning, people wake up and prepare to embark on their days. Some do it with a smile. Some don’t. Some even need a little support and motivation to get going. And some simply don’t want to be bothered. No matter who you are or what you do, people everywhere experience pressure—good or bad—on a daily basis, especially professional athletes. But there are ways to cope. 

Sure, the life of a pro athlete sounds glamorous (and certainly is, in many ways), but imagine being a basketball star: you’re constantly on the road, you’re away from your family for long periods of time, potential trades are constantly hanging over your head, and millions of people decide if they love you or hate you based on how you handle a ball. Numerous people claim to want to be pro ballers, but how many can say they’re truly prepared to handle the strain? Couple that scrutiny with personal stressors and normal emotions, and life can get hard. Thankfully, players like Philadelphia starting forward Tobias Harris have worked hard to learn to manage the anxieties that accompany their profession. Harris knows that tending to his mental health is crucial. But figuring that out wasn’t easy. In fact, it took practice.