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NBCUniversal’s streaming service Peacock has reportedly been reviewing the WWE’s massive catalog of content, and silently deleting racist moments since the wrestling organization started its transition from the WWE Network earlier this month. 

The Hollywood Reporter writes that on March 18, Peacock started rolling out WWE content, with the expectation that the WWE Network would no longer exist in the U.S. by April 4. However, the entire library will not be available on demand until sometime in August. In the meantime, the NBCU streaming service is combing through 17,000 hours of content, plucking out what doesn’t align with its standards and practices, and informing the WWE of the changes. 

The Wall Street Journal estimates NBCUniversal’s deal for the WWE Network to be worth more than $1 billion. 

THR cites two moments in particular that will be scrubbed from the streaming service. One occurred during a pre-match interview for WrestleMania VI where Roddy Piper painted half of his face black. “I hear Bad News Brown, how he’s talking about Harlem, and how he’s proud to be from Harlem,” Piper explained. “Now I can stand here, and I can be Black! I can be white! Don’t make no difference to me. … It’s what’s inside.” 

Another happened when Vince McMahon said the N-word while speaking with John Cena, much to the shock of Booker T, who was standing nearby. 

Others came forward with a number of suggestions that Peacock may want to keep an eye out for:

Aside from a cheaper price tag ($4.99 per month) for Peacock compared to the WWE Network ($9.99 a month), the WWE promises “one signature documentary annually” starting in 2022.