All eyes were on Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul on Sunday to watch their highly anticipated boxing match. Unfortunately for fans hoping to see a knockout, the exhibition bout went to the distance and left many of those who spent money on it feeling empty.

Some intrepid people meanwhile, have focused on a clip in which Mayweather hits Paul, then appears to prevent him from hitting the floor by holding him up.

Conspiracy theorists suggested that Mayweather may have had money on the fight and tried to influence the outcome by not letting Paul get knocked out. And while fixing an exhibition fight isn’t a far-fetched idea, logistically, it would be hard to do in the heat of the moment. Mayweather came into the fight weighing just 155 pounds which is a far cry from the 190 pounds that Paul weighed. Mayweather definitely packs enough power to knock out a heavyweight, but it would be difficult for him to catch Paul’s 30+ pounds of dead weight in the middle of a fight and keep him standing. And anyone who watched the fight saw Paul leaning heavily on Mayweather throughout. 

Also, the clip that’s circulated was cut short. In the full clip, viewers can see that Paul was hanging on to Mayweather and throwing punches, not staggering or unconscious. Additionally, Paul was able to finish the fight without any complications. 

But that didn’t stop people from speculating online, because well, nothing ever does.