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The Spurs are one of the teams that will still be playing when things eventually pick back up in Orlando, but they don’t look like a team that’s headed for the playoffs, even with the potential to play themselves in. That means the Spurs, in all likelihood, will be in the draft lottery for the first time in since the 90s. Just let that one simmer for a few moments. It won’t feel real until a Spurs representative is sitting at a podium somewhere hoping for pingpong ball luck in the middle of August. 

Okoro is one of the best defenders on the wing in this class, but his offensive game isn’t yet where his defensive abilities are. He does have the ability to get to the rim and finish around it, but his shot from the mid-range and the outside is a question mark. San Antonio does have a history with guys like this and has shown a better ability to develop guys over the last two decades. If the Spurs pick Okoro, it’s going to be tough to bet against him.