LeBron James went viral after a video appeared to show him at an Usher concert shoving a fan who came at the basketball legend wanting a photo. NBA Twitter was divided on whether LeBron’s reaction was the best course of action.

“That’s literally assault,” wrote one fan on Twitter. Another mentioned that you shouldn’t just “run up on someone like that” and said that LeBron’s reaction was justified. Overall, Twitter was left divided on the subject. You can check out reactions below.

Regardless, LeBron has been having a pretty amazing 2021. He’s fresh off the success of Space Jam: A New Legacy, and recently became the first NBA player to become a billionaire while he’s still playing the game. Since being drafted in 2003, LeBron has earned $330 million over the course of his career. Most of his earnings come from merchandise, licensing, media. and endorsements. Not to mention his brand partnerships with AT&T, Beats, Blaze Pizza, GMC, Nike, PepsiCo, Rimowa, and Walmart all rake in more than $100 million a year for the legendary athlete. 

With that being said, Kevin Durant isn’t far behind him. The NBA star brought in $580 million in career earnings, and is expected to bring in $1 billion as a result of his investments and 10 year deal with Nike. Steph Curry, as an NBA player, will likely break through the billion-dollar threshold as well. A lot of people pointed out that Michael Jordan has a very bloated net worth now, but he was unable to cross that billion-dollar mark while he was playing. He wouldn’t have earned a billion dollars during his time on the court, either.