Last Chance U is one of Netflix’s greatest hits, striking a chord among both sports fans and viewers simply seeking entertainment and good storytelling. 

Since its debut in 2016, the documentary series has developed a loyal fan base. It spent five seasons chronicling the emotional terrain of junior college football, with student-athletes attempting to overcome adversity and rise up from the bottom, resurrecting their NFL dreams.

The show constructed its audience by following East Mississippi Community College (with coach Buddy Stephens) for two seasons, then made its way to Independence, Kansas, (with Jason Brown) for two more, before wrapping up its final season on the gridiron in Oakland, California (with John Beam). After the fifth season, it seemed the show’s approach had grown a bit stale, even for the most avid fans of the franchise.

Looking for a refresh, Netflix pivoted to basketball—and that, as you will see, is a good thing. The sixth season of Last Chance U launches with eight one-hour episodes March 10, with the East Los Angeles College hoops program serving up the material. 

We got a sneak peek at the excellent new season. Here’s everything you need to know about Last Chance U: Basketball.