Playing professional football begets fame and fame can become pressure—the pressure to be the best, the pressure to many win as many matchups as possible out of a 17-game season, the pressure to take a home a ring, and for some, the pressure of being financially responsible for a family while working in an unstable career where trades, injuries, and dismissals are always lurking. Close your eyes and pretend, for just a moment, that you’re worth millions of dollars because of an uncanny athletic ability that sports fans can’t help but marvel at. But as much as spectators across the country love you, they can hate you even more, especially when there’s money on the line. Then, if you add a newborn baby and a new marriage to the mix, your picture might look a lot like that of D.J. Chark, wide receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Louisiana-raised football player spent most of his 2021-2022 season in rehab after fracturing his ankle during week four on the field. As a top pro, having to support your team from the sidelines can’t be easy, and for Chark it wasn’t at first.

“Therapy is big for me,” Chark tells Complex on a sunny, but chill-filled afternoon. “​​When I have just too much going on and I feel like a lot [is] on my plate and [have] some things that I need to talk through, that’s when I talk to my therapist. It’s like a brain massage.”