Snapchat isn’t as popular as it once was, thanks to other apps integrating the features that they pioneered. However, it’s still a great platform if you want glimpse at the lifestyles of the rich and famous, especially professional athletes.

Sometimes we see too much of their lives, like we did when Draymond Green posted this on his Snapchat story (facepalm). Although it seemed like Green’s post of his package couldn’t be topped, D’Angelo Russell said, “Hold my beer,” and reportedly posted the video of Nick Young admitting to cheating on Iggy Azalea and we all know the rest of that story.

Even players who are private on Snapchat aren’t safe. Ask LeBron James, who uploaded a video of himself calling the Kardashian television crew, who were filming Tristan Thompson in the Cavs facility, a s*** show. Nobody is safe on the internet ,especially when you put yourself on a platform where multiple people can view what you’re doing.

But when athletes aren’t accidentally posting nude photos of themselves or exposing their teammates, they’re usually doing something #relatable. Whether ihey’re inside the locker room, spending time with their families, or enjoying their hobbies, fans get a better sense of what their favorite athletes are like beyond the court or field with Snapchat.

The best athletes to follow on Snapchat are those who aren’t afraid to show a different side of themselves, like Hassan Whiteside destroying his cousins in video games or Dwyane Wade making fun of his wife, Gabrielle Union.

While some athletes choose to keep their accounts private, others open up their unique lifestyles to the public, and they’re definitely worth checking out. Here are 15 athletes who you should follow on Snapchat.

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