NBA All-Star Weekend Is Awful, Here Are 7 Ways to Fix It

NBA All-Star Weekend is not quite what it once was in the past. We schemed up seven ways to improve it and bring it back to life.

Four basketball players in red tracksuits standing on the court
Tyler Kaufman / NBAE via Getty Images

As a young kid in the early 2000s, I marked my calendar every year come February and it wasn't for the Super Bowl. NBA All-Star Weekend was always the draw for me. I remember not having cable as a kid and having to go to my friend's place every year during All-Star Weekend to watch the events. I would catch every single event from the All-Star Celebrity Game pregame show to the All-Star Game postgame. I remember vividly watching Josh Smith putting a show in the dunk contest, Steve Nash kicking a pass off the glass to Amar'e on that same night, and Melo & LeBron giving out buckets in the Rookie-Sophomore game. Even the celebrity game has memorable moments like Kevin Hart throwing alley-oops to J. Cole. Creating nostalgic moments seem to be a thing of the past for All-Star Weekend. 

The Rising Stars competition is not even a full game anymore. The dunk contest doesn’t have the same excitement. The All-Star game itself has lost its sentiment and pride. You get more entertaining basketball in a Chris Brickley summer run than you do at the All-Star Game. Can All-Star Weekend be revived? Only time will tell but here are seven ways to fix it. 

Four basketball players in red tracksuits standing on the court

King of the Court: 1-on-1 Tournament (3 dribbles MAX)

Two basketball players in action during a Team USA practice session

Young players:

Watch how efficient these NBA superstars are when they play King of the Court

No 50 dribble move combos

It’s footwork, patience, and shot making

— Hoop Herald (@TheHoopHerald) November 11, 2022
Twitter: @TheHoopHerald

Serious Money Incentive For Dunk Contest Participants & Winner

Two basketball players in action near the basket, one blocking the other's shot attempt

All-Star Game Winner Earns Finals Homecourt Advantage *Extreme*

Basketball player in mid-play with a joyful expression during a game

Kobe was right…

“Guys play harder in a pickup game at UCLA”

(h/t @LakerFiles)

— NBACentral (@TheDunkCentral) February 19, 2024
Twitter: @TheDunkCentral

Rookies vs. Sophomores PLEASE!

Three basketball players in jerseys, two from the Cavaliers and one from the Heat, focused during a game

Regular Uniforms in All-Star Game

Two basketball players in action on court with audience in the background

Go Back to Big Market Cities

Basketball hoops line a snowy street where people are playing, with buildings and a large digital display in the background

Celebrity Game Needs More Popular/Trending Celebs (Not NFL Athletes)

Person in a basketball jersey with "Ruffles Celebrity Game" text stands on the court

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