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Snapchat has given fans the opportunity to keep up with their favorite celebrities' daily activities up to the second. While many professional athletes have their Snapchat on private to family and friends, others openly share their luxurious lifestyles to the rest of the world. These are the 15 best athletes to follow.

Russell Westbrook.

Image via Getty/Garrett Ellwood/Contributor

Russell Westbrook.

Snapchat isn’t as popular as it once was, thanks to other apps integrating the features that they pioneered. However, it’s still a great platform if you want glimpse at the lifestyles of the rich and famous, especially professional athletes.

Sometimes we see too much of their lives, like we did when Draymond Green posted this on his Snapchat story (facepalm). Although it seemed like Green’s post of his package couldn’t be topped, D’Angelo Russell said, “Hold my beer,” and reportedly posted the video of Nick Young admitting to cheating on Iggy Azalea and we all know the rest of that story.

Even players who are private on Snapchat aren’t safe. Ask LeBron James, who uploaded a video of himself calling the Kardashian television crew, who were filming Tristan Thompson in the Cavs facility, a s*** show. Nobody is safe on the internet ,especially when you put yourself on a platform where multiple people can view what you’re doing.

But when athletes aren’t accidentally posting nude photos of themselves or exposing their teammates, they’re usually doing something #relatable. Whether ihey’re inside the locker room, spending time with their families, or enjoying their hobbies, fans get a better sense of what their favorite athletes are like beyond the court or field with Snapchat.

The best athletes to follow on Snapchat are those who aren’t afraid to show a different side of themselves, like Hassan Whiteside destroying his cousins in video games or Dwyane Wade making fun of his wife, Gabrielle Union.

While some athletes choose to keep their accounts private, others open up their unique lifestyles to the public, and they’re definitely worth checking out. Here are 15 athletes who you should follow on Snapchat.

Hassan Whiteside

hassan whiteside resized

Username: youngwhiteside

If you’re looking for comedy, Hassan Whiteside is definitely the funniest athlete on this list. While he’s cut down on his trips to Snapchat king DJ Khaled’s house, Whiteside has built his own brand on the app with his daily shenanigans,  which include constant chats with his fish, playing NBA 2K, cracking jokes on the team airplane ,and more. Just watch this video about the time he found a dead parrot in his driveway.

Hassan Whiteside (👻: youngwhiteside) also gives relationship advice by comparing different types of water.

— Alysha Tsuji (@AlyshaTsuji) February 28, 2016

Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones.


most famous soccer neymar

Username: neymarjr

Neymar is the one of the most popular athletes in the world. You should take advantage of this opportunity to get a glimpse into his life—he’s as goofy and fun-loving as they come.

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Dwyane Wade

worst nba playoff performance dwayne wade

Le'Veon Bell

leveon bell steelers

Serena Williams

Serena Williams at the Australian Open

Username: SerenaUnmatched

Serena Williams is one of the G.O.A.T.s, but let’s be honest here: We hit up her Snapchat to see her daughter, Olympia, every day.

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JJ Watt

Football player J.J. Watt

Username: jjwatt.99

There’s really nothing to hate about this guy. He’s a beast on the field and a great person off of it. Who wouldn’t want to see the daily life of the most physically-imposing man in the NFL? He even helped out a dude secure a prom date. He’s worth your follow. To reel you in, check this legendary snowball fight from his Snapchat story.

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David Alaba

David Alaba

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook.

Username: russwest44

Even when he’s not dunking on defenders or tallying triple doubles, Russell Westbrook is still entertaining. You’ll see the same dance moves he shows pregame on his Snap and he’ll even show off his vocals a bit. You’ll also get a chance to witness the fatherly side of the Brodie.

.@gucci1017 feat @Drake - "Both".... performed by Russell Westbrook

(via @russwest44 / snapchat)

— Rob Lopez (@r0bato) October 15, 2017

Russell Westbrook and his son have won SnapChat today, folks. Shut it down. #Thunder

— Boomtown Hoops (@BoomtownHoops) August 11, 2017


Antonio Brown

best wide receivers nfl antonio brown

Username: ab84official

I’m not sure if Antonio Brown has ever been angry outside of the football field—iit always seems like he’s high on life. Don’t believe me? Watch his snaps. He might even be a better Snapchatter than his teammate, Le’Veon Bell. Brown also has no filter—he filmed his teammates talking about being Crips in the locker room.

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Jesse Lingard

Jesse Lingard

Username: Iamjesselingard

You could tell that Jesse Lingard was s a character when he hit a cold milly rock on one of his goal celebrations, and his Snapchat follows through on that personality.

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Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

Username: lewishamilton

It seems like Lewis Hamilton is more of a celebrity than an athlete at this point. Don’t get me wrong, he’s one of the best Formula One drivers in the history of the sport, but he’s also…. Everywhere. His lifestyle seems pretty lit.

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Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball

Von Miller

Von Miller Broncos Saints 2016 Getty

Username: millerlite40

Von Miller’s snaps are very similar to sack celebrations: A lot of dancing. He’s worth the follow.

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Richard Jefferson

Richard Jefferson

Username: Rjeff24

Richard Jefferson probably had the best Snapchat in the NBA before he moved to Denver. His prime Snap days included several legendary snaps from the NBA Finals run, when the Cavs came all the way back from a 3-1 lead against the Warriors. He revealed the sides of Cavs players that fans really never get to see. Jefferson still snaps a lot and he’s still a fun follow but, as you can probably know already, no one really cares about the Denver Nuggets.

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Chandler Jones

Chandler Jones Arizona Cardinals 2016

Username: Chan95jones

Chandler Jones’ Snapchat game is incredible underrated . He doesn’t have the pedigree and status of the other athletes on this list, but he’s super entertaining. His snaps during his Patriot days were classic, but he’s still a solid follow. He even interacts with fans sometimes—but watch out, he’s quick to use to that block button.

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