Five Trades to Send Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets

Russell Westbrook is apparently open to being traded and the Houston Rockets are interested. We cooked up some possible trade scenarios to make it happen.

russell westbrook chris paul

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russell westbrook chris paul

Now that every major free agent has picked their new team, Russell Westbrook remains the biggest name that will likely get moved over the next few weeks. There's been a lot of smoke about a Westbrook trade, with news first breaking after the Thunder sent Paul George to the Clippers to join Kawhi Leonard. That shift from the Thunder opened up the doors to trading Westbrook, who is still one of the best players in the NBA.

While the Miami Heat have been considered the frontrunner to land Russ, the Houston Rockets keep showing up in reports linked to trading for Westbrook. Because of the Rockets cap sitaution, trading for Westbrook would likely mean trading away Chris Paul, which they've denied talking about. It seems like a longshot that the Rockets could pull this off, but never say never in the NBA. We decided to cook up some potential trades that would send Westbrook to the Rockets and reunite him with James Harden. How crazy would that be? 

Russ to the Rockets, CP3 to the T-Wolves, Andrew Wiggins to the Thunder 

russell westbrook rockets trade

In this scenario, the Thunder get Andrew Wiggins, but also a first-round pick and some talented young players. The Wolves get CP3 and a first rounder, while the Rockets land Russ. The Wolves would get off the Wiggins deal and get a legit point guard to run with KAT. 

Russ to the Rockets, PJ Tucker to Cleveland, JR Smith to the Thunder 

russell westbrook cavs trade

This deal would save the Thunder significant money due to the fact that they could waive JR Smith and only have to worry about a small part of his salary. They would also get a first rounder from the Rockets, while the Cavs would add some talent to their squad. It would be tough for the Rockets to lose Tucker, Gordon, and Capela, but the chance to add Russ might outweigh that. Plus, this would keep CP3 to pair with Russ. 

Russ to the Rockets, Clint Capela & Eric Gordon to Dallas, Tim Hardaway JR & PJ Tucker to Thunder 

russell westbrook mavs trade

In this deal, Dallas gets some more win now help in Capela and Gordon, while the Thunder continue to stack assets with two first-round picks coming their way. Like the Cavs deal, CP3 would stay with the Rockets in this deal and pair with Russ and Harden. 

Russ to the Rockets, Bradley Beal to the Thunder, PJ Tucker & Eric Gordon to the Wizards 

russell westbrook wizards trade

It's time for the Wizards to blow things up, and trading Bradley Beal for some assets is probably the first way they can do that. For the Thunder, this is a way to not completely blow it up, even though they could flip Beal later. 

Russ to the Rockets, Clint Capela & PJ Tucker to the Bulls, Eric Gordon to the Thunder 

russell westbrook bulls trade

The Thunder get a true pick haul here with three first rounders heading their way. The Bulls get involved and shave off some money while picking up two players in Capela and Tucker who can help them win immediately. 

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