The Complex NFL Breakdown: Comparing NFL Owners' Net Worths To Their Teams'

How rich are NFL owners comparted to what their teams are worth?

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Can you believe it? We're already at week four of the NFL season. The Arizona Cardinals are 3-0, Green Bay is 1-2, and Eli Manning scored five touchdowns this past Thursday. Just like the books predicted, right? One thing everybody could have seen coming is the fact that the league continues to grow. Despite the scandals, the lies, and the blatant disrespect to its fans, the NFL continues to maintain superb attendance, set record television ratings, and rake in the cash. That's why Roger Goodell is making more than $40 million a year and why team owners aren't in a hurry to kick the Commissioner out of the picture.  It's a business, and the model is thriving. See exactly how much each owner is worth compared to how valuable each team is: 


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