SRT Viper Production Has Been Suspended Because of Slow Sales

It is awesome, but that doesn't mean that people are buying it.

Image via SRT

I was the guy who got to fly out to Sonoma Raceway in NorCal to test the SRT Viper from Complex, because this job is awesome. What I learned on that trip was that the SRT Viper was easily the best Viper yet, and that it should certainly be a legend given enough time. For whatever reason, this isn't happening. 

Initial sales targets for the new Viper were 2,000 units over the car's lifespan, but this does not appear to be happening, and production at the Detroit area facility that makes the Viper has been temporarily halted a a result of that.

What's wrong with people? Why aren't they buying this amazing machine?

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[via Detroit News

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