Watch This Lip-Syncing Mom Humiliate Her Son at Maryland Basketball Game

Mom of the Year or Worst Mom in the World? You decide.

Actual Kelly Clarkson

Image via Getty/Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Actual Kelly Clarkson

Parenting can be really hard, especially in the early going when you're feeding and cleaning a little petrie dish of gross. Love conquers all of course, but one of the fun ways kids have to atone for their dependence on mom and dad earlier in life is when they're routinely embarrassed by them when they grow older; It's part of the deal for the whole diaper changing routine.

Never was this embarrassment more adorable—while simultaneously a nightmare for the kid—than when a badass mom started signing Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" at the Maryland-Loyola basketball game and the fan cam caught her spectacular rendition for the crowd in College Park to see:

She just amps it up when she realizes the Cam Fan is on them, and the kid's exaggerated reaction really is perfect. Maryland won the game, 94-71, but this video has been played over half a million times since it was posted on Monday, so the kid's unease is on a planet-wide level now. 

Of course, Kelly Clarkson loved it:

Because the Kiss Cam can skirt the line of what's appropriate, and lead to embarrassingly obvious plants in the crowd, we think they should replace it with parents embarrassing the hell out of their kids. Sure, the squirmy kid is basically being tortured in the moment, and their friends will likely never let them hear the end of it, but it's incredibly entertaining. Or, this mom is just the zenith of the Fan Cam experience. Regardless, hopefully her son realizes what a great mom he has whenever he recovers from this moment.

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