LeBron James Thinks He Will At Least Be a Top Four Player in NBA History

Not a shocking opinion.

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LeBron James has achieved a lot in his first eleven years in the NBA. His accolades include two straight NBA championships, two Finals MVP awards, four MVP awards, seven All NBA First-Team selections, five times on the NBA All Defensive Team and he's on his way to his 10th All-Star Game.

He's previously talked about being one of the greats of all time. James was asked a question from NBA TV Analyst Steve Smith during an interview regarding his personal Mount Rushmore of the four greatest players of all time.

The leading vote getter in this year's All-Star game chose his first three on this Mount Rushmore. The first three selections which he called the "easy three," were Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. He deliberated before taking Oscar Robertson as his fourth choice.

LeBron hinted at himself moving up to one of those top four spots on this list when it's said and done:


All the LeBron hate that emanated from The Decision has subsided pretty much. The championship wins and individual accolades have piled up and it makes sense as LeBron reaches the age of 30, that he would start talking about his place in history. There's still potential for him to move up even further depending on what he does the rest of his career obviously.

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