The Knicks and Phil Jackson Reportedly Have an Agreement in Principle on Deal

The beginning of a new era.

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The New York Knicks' luck just might be turning in the right direction. Hall of Famer and former Knick Phil Jackson has reportedly reached an agreement in principle to be at the head of the Knicks' basketball operations and “president’’ will be in his title. 

It was reported by the New York Post that Jackson made a verbal commitment on Saturday tohis living arrangements. Jackson lives in Marina Del Rey, California with his fiancée, Lakers president Jeanie Buss. He's expected to live in New York during the season, but do some commuting. Buss visits New York on business periodically.

Jackson definitely has a high asking price based off of his negotiations last year with the Lakers to be the head coach. He asked for $11 million-to-$12 million a year. He made $12 million in his second-to-last season coaching the Lakers and made a healthy $10 million in his final season with the team. The Knicks have been trying to get Jackson into the fold since 1999. On two previous occasions, the Knicks attempted to bring Jackson in, but he declined.

Maybe this will quell the unhappy sentiments from Knicks fans who have been disappointed in the Knicks' 25-40 season that has featured very few highlights.

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