Phil Jackson won two championships as a player for the Knicks, so there is a bit of emotional attachment there. It's been 40 years since then, however. They've since become a constant punchline. It's possible Jackson will become part of that blue-and-orange circus, and New York played last night like it was really trying to convince him to join the organization.

A lot of folks would steer clear from becoming the Knicks' president of basketball operations if they were in Jackson's shoes, but he's entertaining the idea for some reason. Maybe he feels guilty and charitable after he and Michael Jordan owned them throughout the '90s. No one is in Jackson's head to know for sure. What's fact is there's going to be some trouble afoot as long as James Dolan owns the team and the Knicks are the Knicks. From dealing with mediocrity to dealing with the loss of a potential Twitter follower, here are 13 Reasons Phil Jackson Joining the Knicks Would Be the Worst Decision of His Career.

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