Adrien Broner Filmed Shoving Woman and Punching a Man in Las Vegas

Friday’s altercation was the latest in a series of outside the ring mishaps for Broner.

Boxer Adrien Broner appeared to have an eventful night on the Las Vegas Strip, as video of him in two physical altercations that may possibly be related has surfaced. 

Sunday, TMZ released footage of what appeared to be Broner shoving a woman and knocking another man out cold. The clip began with camera phone footage of Broner taking a few selfies with fans before cutting to an altercation with the woman.

Bronner seems to be in some type of argument with the woman, and as she either tries to calm or restrain him, he’s seen shoving her several times as bystanders watch on.

The footage gets increasingly disturbing and grainy as the clip goes on, but one thing seems rather clear. Near the 45-second mark, a man is on the receiving end of a punch that can audibly be heard despite the noise on the strip.

At that point, it appears the woman whom Broner previously shoved can be heard screaming, “Oh no” and attempting to restrain Broner again.

The end result is what one would typically expect when a civilian takes a blow from a professional boxer, as the other man is seen sprawled out on the concrete with onlookers identifying Broner to nearby security officers. It doesn’t appear any of this activity led to an arrest.

“It’s unclear if Broner knew the guy, or if he just got in his line of fire,” TMZ reports. “We’re told security talked to Broner, but let him go. We’ve reached out to Adrien’s camp ... no word back so far.”

Friday’s incident is the latest in a series of outside the ring mishaps for Broner. He’s previously faced an open warrant for public intoxication and disorderly conduct in 2014. Separate charges of domestic violence, intimidating a witness and robbery have all been dismissed.

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