The Golden State Warriors Would "Love" To Get Kevin Durant Next Summer

KD to The Bay?

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Count the Golden State Warriors in among the teams making a push for Kevin Durant next summer.

Who cares if they just won an NBA championship with the league's MVP (Steph Curry) on their roster? The Warriors aren't going to let Kevin Durant possibly switch teams without making a play for him.

According to Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News, Golden State "would love to be a featured part of the Durant discussion as a possible sign-and-trade destination." Durant—the 2014 NBA MVP and six-time All-Star—will see his contract expire at the end of next season, rendering him an unrestricted free agent for 2016-17.

And while there are plenty of teams who are not-so-secretly hoping to be his future NBA destination, it's a little strange to hear the reigning champs are getting in on the action. Especially considering such a deal would almost certainly involve them trading away current All-Star and fan favorite Klay Thompson.  

Is trading Klay Thompson for Kevin Durant that much of a no-brainer? (Yes.) 

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The ink isn't even dry on this year's contracts and next summer's free agency is already making headlines. We just hope Lil B and KD can patch up their relationship if talk of Durant heading to The Bay heats up.

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