Video of LaVar Ball Playing Basketball Surfaces, and It Doesn't Look Like He's Very Good

Footage of LaVar Ball playing basketball has surfaced, and he does not look like he could beat Michael Jordan.

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Everybody has tough moments on the hardwood, whether you're LeBron James or just a Sunday rec league player. Basketball is an unforgiving sport. But when you compare yourself to players like Michael Jordan and say your sons are already better than Steph Curry, no one is here for your excuses when you're hooping.

LaVar Ball has quickly become one of America's most loathed sports dads, and it looks like somebody out there wants to expose his lack of game. A video posted on the YouTube account of a user called The Hoops Column has an edited flick of what is allegedly the elder Ball playing basketball at a neighborhood gym.

Ball is reportedly No. 8 in red in this video, and in the kindest way possible, the tape is not flattering to Lonzo Ball's dad. To be fair, it is a heavily edited version of whatever a full game looks like, and I suppose it's entirely possible that in the time between edits, he's right on par with His Airness. The stumbling, bumbling act in this video could end up being just another example of #FakeNews.

But let's be honest — isn't this exactly what you'd imagine he'd play like? After all, this is the guy who barely averaged over two points per game when he played at Washington State, and a lot of the most prolific trash talkers at pickup games are the guys who need to resort to mind games to account for a lack of skill.

We know you're out there listening and ready to fire back about this, LaVar, so feel free to clear the air if this is indeed the work of a hater trying to bring you down. If you can produce a highlight tape to balance out the bricks and turnovers, we'll be happy to eat our crow.

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