Adrien Broner Walks Out With Kodak Black Before Fight With Adrian Granados

Adrien Broner is apparently a big Kodak Black fan, and he adopted Kodak's infamous ski mask in the walk out for his recent fight.

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Rappers have a storied history appearing alongside boxers before they go to war with an opponent. 50 Cent famously appeared in a Mexican-flag colored bulletproof vest before Floyd Mayweather's 2007 fight against Oscar De La Hoya, and was a longtime collaborator with Mayweather before a dramatic falling out in recent years. The styles of boxing and hip-hop intersect nicely, so it's not surprising to see fighters walk out with their favorite rappers as part of the crew.

Welterweight Adrien Broner carried on that tradition last night, and took it a step further in mimicking Kodak Black's style. Rocking a gold grill and a ski mask similar to the one Kodak wore during his infamous interview with The Breakfast Club, Broner entered the ring for his fight against Adrian Granados with a beaming Kodak Black by his side.

Broner, whose upstart hip-hop label About Billions has received guidance from Rick Ross, was clearly fired up about the collaboration. He went so far as to commemorate the occasion after the fight with an Instagram of the two smiling together:

Broner ended up nabbing the win in a 10-round decision, so he might have to keep Kodak around for a little while. 

Kodak recently made headlines for another potential fight after saying he wanted to knock out rap legend Lil Wayne in a battle for the title of Best Rapper Alive. While we're pretty sure that's not how that designation works, he caught a boatload of flak for it, and Hurricane Chris even randomly stepped out of the woodwork in an offer to fight for Wayne's honor. 

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The good news for Kodak is that with Broner in his corner, he at least has access to a top-notch trainer in the event he does get to throw hands for a shot at rap's throne. If he gives Broner some advice on how to navigate the rap game, this looks like the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

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