Here Are the Spoilers For This Week's "WWE Smackdown"

Here are all of the spoilers from this week's episode of 'WWE Smackdown.'

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Does anyone watch WWE's Smackdown program on Thursday nights? If you're a man who's 41 years old (or older), that's probably a yes. We won't call it the "B-show" (compared to Monday Night Raw), but some weeks, it feels like we're treading water. It was the show that The Rock built, and until January 2016 (when it moves to the USA Network), it might not get the shine that it once did.


All of that nonsense aside, the results from Smackdown (which is taped on Tuesday nights, as opposed to the LIVE Monday Night Raw program) have hit the Internets already. With WWE Battleground set to hit the WWE Network (and pay-per-view) this Sunday, this will be the final WWE program before the next time we get to see Brock Lesnar​ beat the hell out of someone. Oh, spoiler alert: Brock Lesnar isn't on this show. Sorry.

In any case, here are the spoilers for this Thursday's WWE Smackdown​, which comes to us from Birmingham, Ala.​:

  • The show opens with Roman Reigns in the ring; he's still beefing with Bray Wyatt, as Bray doesn't want "the chosen one" to advance. Bray shows up on the big screen and they jaw-jack, building to their match at Battleground this Sunday.
  • The New Day beat The Lucha Dragons in a tag-team match. The New Day, who is one of the more exciting acts on WWE programming right now, cut a promo on The Prime Time Players to hype their World Tag Team Championship match at Battleground. 
  • King Barret defeats Jack Swagger (again) (as he should). This prompts R-Truth (a.k.a. King What's Up) to talk some smack to Barret to, you guessed it, get you ready for their match at Battleground. (Noticing a pattern yet?)
  • Cesaro scores a win over Rusev; if you watched Monday Night Raw this week, you saw Cesaro and Rusev have a pretty solid match. This is a flip-flop in terms of winning, as Rusev defeated Cesaro on Monday. Word is that this return bout is a good match. 
  • Neville beats Stardust in another round of flip-flop booking (Stardust defeated Neville on Raw).
  • Video footage from this past Monday Night Raw is aired, probably showing the debut of NXT divas Becky LynchCharlotte (a.k.a. Ric Flair's daughter), and current NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks. Banks, who was aligned with Naomi and Tamina Snuka​ (a.k.a. the daughter of legend Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka) cut a promo giving themselves a new name: Team BAD: Best at Domination. Hopefully this helps elevate Sasha?
  • The main event finds Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose defeating Sheamus and Big Show in a tag team match via disqualification due to interference from Bray Wyatt.

So while most of the WWE Battleground undercard is hyped, there's now sign of U.S. Champion John Cena, no sign of Brock Lesnar or WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins (although their feud bookended Raw this week), nor guys like Randy Orton.

At the very least, DVR the show to see Cesaro vs. Rusev and the Team BAD segment.

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