Watch a Yankees Fan Get Punched in the Face and Maniacally Laugh It Off

What the Yankees fan does next is unexpected.

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The Yankees lost to the Orioles last night to drop to 3-6 on the season. At the game, one Yankees fan lost his shirt, and an Orioles fan probably lost his privilege to attend Camden Yards ever again. How the matter even got to this point is unknown, but the substance of the above fight video is rather tame. Remarkably so, even.

The fans in the section barely let out a quality "WORLDSTAR!" yelp, and you can hear random, but alarmingly casual "fight, hit him!" shouts before punches go down. It's like baseball fans are now numb to fan fights. Credit to the spectators for letting the brawl play out like a hockey fight: First you rip the guy's going-out shirt right off his pasty back, then you start swinging. Quality bromanship. 

The Yankees fan here—the shirtless guy who ended up eating five punches—is fucking demonic though. After the first set of punches, he looks like he's about to shit himself. Look at this snapshot of one man dominating another. This "I'm Showing You the Fuck Up, Bro" look right there is powerful imagery: 


Yeah, you got him good, Orioles fan! EXCEPT, the Yankees fan wasn't screaming in terror. Watch the video again, and you'll notice him TURN AND LAUGH TO HIS BUDDIES. The man's AMUSED by his opponent. "AAAAAHAHAHA, THIS GUY'S FOR REAL," he proudly states while warding off another round of jabs. 

What a clown. The both of them. 


At least beer bellies and cargo shorts are back in season. 

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