These Drunk Clippers Fan Bros Are the NBA Fans We All Want to Be

When drinking too much Popov goes wrong.

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Ah, to be young, drunk, and in love with the NBA. Last night in Los Angeles, these Clippers fans were drunkenly basking in the reflective glory of a playoff win over the Spurs, and then The Woody Show came along and started asking them *TRULY* tough questions. The young gentlemen were hyped about the Clippers' early playoff prospects, but mostly, they were piss drunk off of Popov plastic handle vodka. “Apparently they frown upon open bottles of vodka," is the best post-game quote any journalist got out of that game from anyone who was there

Clippers Bro No. 2—the one who looks like the fake Jonah Hill from Project Xhad a terrific explanation of how he got caught and subsequently kicked-out of the game (only given, hilariously enough, after the camera cut and Clippers Bro No. 1 bounced to presumably save himself the inevitable embarrassment):

“Dude, I don’t know man. We were hammered. I thought we were hiding it. Next thing we know, we had six security guards coming in.”

*inaudible yelp*

“I’m charismatic, I try and talk my way out of it, I lay a little knowledge on them, but they were having none of it. I don’t know what to tell you.” 

Any predictions for the rest of the series my man? 


*thinks super hard*


"Clippers in six!"

Alrighty then. 

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