Ben Simmons' Reps Say Tinashe Was Lying About Him Texting Her in the Club

Tinashe and Ben Simmons began dating earlier this year, but things quickly went sour when rumors began spreading that Simmons had cheated on her with Kendall Jenner. Simmons and Jenner were spotted at the same club as Tinashe this weekend.

The whole Tinashe x Ben Simmons x Kendall Jenner drama just reached a new level. Tinashe and the Rookie of the Year began dating at the top of the year, but appeared to break things off by May, right around the time that rumors began spreading that Simmons had started hooking up with Kendall Jenner. The timing led many to wonder if Simmons had cheated on Tinashe with Jenner—an assumption made weirder by the report that Simmons dumped Tinashe because she was on “some Kardashian shit.” So…he goes…and starts dating…a Kardashian.

On Thursday night, all three celebs showed up at the same club in Los Angeles. TMZ was obviously there, and they caught all three leaving the club, but Tinashe gave them a few spicy—but potentially misleading—details. 

The TMZ reporter asked Tinashe if she saw her ex and Kendall together. She said she did, but then held up her phone and said, “he’s texting me, what the hell? What is he doing, what an idiot!” The TMZ reporter is shocked, like all who live for drama should be, and then asks: “You know he’s doing it for fame, right?” Tinashe appears to agree with him, but then the car she’s in speedily drives away. 

But don't worry, TMZ is on the case. Soon after the video of Tinashe went live, TMZ reported that "sources close to Simmons" say Tinashe was lying about the texts. Simmons apparently called Tinashe on Friday to ask about the video, and she admitted to him she had made it up. This certainly complicates the "he's doing it for the fame" narrative. 

As is often the celebrity way, nothing has been confirmed either by Jenner or Simmons. However, recent reports suggested that the two were sharing an expensive apartment in L.A. Meanwhile, Tinashe is apparently done dating basketball players. 

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