Tinashe really seems to be enjoying the honeymoon phase of her new relationship with 76ers rookie Ben Simmons. The couple recently made things IG official, and the 25-year-old singer explained in a new interview just how novel this whole dating thing is to her. "I’ve never in my whole career posted about a guy, so I’m hoping he doesn’t break up with me next week," she told Hot 97. "That would be embarrassing."

Watch the singer gush about Simmons at around the 4:30 mark in the video above. 

Rumors surrounding Tinashe and Simmons' relationship first surfaced in February, and a short time later, Simmons slid into the singer’s IG comments after she posted a seductive photo. Two weeks after that, Tinashe and her "lil boo thang" were official. "It’s exciting when you really like somebody and you don’t wanna keep it a secret, secret," she explained. "So it’s been fun. It’s been interesting. It’s a learning process. I’m still getting used to it."

This is the first serious relationship the singer’s had in a long time. "It hasn’t been something I focus on," she said. "I’ve been truly single for about five years."

The couple debuted their relationship just weeks before Tinashe debuts her new album Joyride, which drops April 13. Tinashe has apparently written a few songs about the rookie, but unfortunately, they didn’t make the cut. "I have written a few songs for him, but they didn’t make the project," she said. "Maybe on my next one."

Is it love? Well, "I like him a very lot, an extreme lot," the singer said. Looks like Tinashe could be courtside at 76ers games for the foreseeable future.