Video Shows Former NBA Player Delonte West Following Alleged Altercation (UPDATE)

The video was allegedly taken in Washington D.C.

Delonte West gets up from the floor.

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Delonte West gets up from the floor.

UPDATED 1/21, 2:15 a.m. ET: TMZ now reports that according to a witness, Delonte West instigated the fight seen in the video, when he reportedly hit the other man with a glass bottle.

The witness told the Prince George's County Police Dept. that the man was simply responding to West's initial aggression. They also reportedly know each other, and got into an argument earlier that morning. TMZ also reports that both men refused to press charges, and are investigating how the video was leaked on social media. 

UPDATED 1/21, 10:25 a.m. ET: Delonte West's former agent, Aaron Goodwin, has confirmed that West is in fact the person in the video. TMZ Sports spoke with Goodwin, who told the outlet that West is with family members while he recovers from the attack. 

TMZ also reports that the NBA is "offering to support" the former player and his family. 

See original story below. 

An agitated Delonte West was captured discussing an alleged altercation. 

The person who posted the clip of the former NBA player to social media, Twitter user @damani_givens, told Complex that the video was taken in Washington D.C.

Apparently Delonte West was seen getting beat up in the street this Morning. I went to school with him and it’s crazy to see just how his life has gone downhill since the NBA.

West appears to be saying that someone approached him with a gun as he was walking down the street. However, when he was asked further detail about his account of the incident, Delonte repeatedly said "I don't give a fuck" twice before ranting about something that's difficult to understand.  

There has been some speculation that West was on the receiving of some kicks and punches dished out by the person standing over him in the middle of the street in the video below. 

I see a lot dumb comments where folks making fun of Delonte west... this is not a joking matter .... I’m going to figure out how I can help him.... he need to be in rehab or something...

After the clips began to circulate Dez Bryant took to Twitter to write about the "dumb comments where folks making fun of Delonte."

West's former teammate Jameer Nelson and his former coach Phil Martelli also addressed the videos.

Over the past several hours I have talked with many who are willing to help - please read and embrace Jameer’s wisdom - we are reaching out to our basketball network to get the professional help Delonte needs. This is so very painful.

West's well-being became a cause for concern following a string of events four years ago. First, Delonte was seen roaming around Houston without any shoes on. When someone asked if he was Delonte West, he allegedly responded, "I used to be, but I’m not about that life anymore." Days later, his behavior outside of a strip club and kids basketball game resulted in his brother Dmitri coming forward with West's mental health struggles, specifically, bipolar disorder

"Delonte West is not crazy, he is not on drugs. I don't know what exactly is going on in his mind but I can tell you that he is safe and he's doing OK," Dmitri said. "My family are trying to get him the best professional help that's out there, the best that they can afford."

Later that year, a photo of West walking down a street in Maryland sparked rumors that he was homeless. Delonte said at the time that he was actually helping a paralyzed homeless man in his neighborhood. 

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