Roy Hibbert Blocks Carmelo Anthony's Dunk Attempt, Looks Eerily Similar to Rejection in 2013 NBA Playoffs (Video)

Deja vu.

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It's amazing how similar this block by Roy Hibbert on Carmelo Anthony during tonight's Pacers/Knicks game is to the infamous one during Game 6 of their Eastern Conference Semis series. If you need a refresher on the latter rejection, here you go. 

Look at Melo's post up on Paul George and the spin move towards the baseline! Of course, there is one huge difference and it's the fact that Anthony went up with two hands. But, even with that change in approach, Carmelo was still blocked by Hibbert!

From here on out, Melo just needs to try and lay it up when he sees Hibbert coming because this whole flushing it down with authority thing just isn't working.  

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