Rajon Rondo Believes He Could Beat Usain Bolt, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen In a Race

Do you like that jab at Jesus Shuttlesworth?

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Rajon Rondo believes in his speed. So much so that Rajon feels that he could race any of the fastest athletes today and come out victorious. During an interview with WEEI, Rondo was asked if he could defeat Usain Bolt, who debated that very same topic with RR when the Jamaican sprinter stopped by the C's locker room once upon a time. "Well, I wouldn't back down," he responded. "It just depends on the distance. He might get me in the 100, I might get him in the 40 though."

Celtics head coach Doc Rivers added that the two guys decided that if they were to race each other, Rondo and Bolt would have to dribble. "Oh yeah, I'll definitely get him with a dribble," Rondo said when he heard Rivers' comments played back to him. But RR didn't just stop at just saying he would beat Bolt.  

M&M: Alright so answer the question then, you and LeBron, no dribbling, who's faster down the court end to end?

Geez. So, Celtics players are still taking subtle shots at Allen, huh? Boy, does that hate run deep.   

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[via Celtics Life]

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