Lil Wayne Accuses Oklahoma City Thunder of Being Racist

Did you think this through?

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When Lil Wayne was shut out of Thursday's Game 3 Thunder/Spurs in Oklahoma City, there was plenty of speculation over the real reason why it happened. Some folks have claimed that Wayne was denied free courtside seats, while others have talked about a rumored love triangle playing a part. On Friday, Weezy spoke with the Associated Press about the incident and he's got quite the perspective.

"That's not the point, though," he told The Associated Press in an interview Friday night. "It's the players stepping up, but of course, the players aren't white. I don't want to be sitting there on behalf of you and I'm sitting next to a (person) that's like 'I don't want this (guy) sitting next to me.' (Forget) you ... I'm in Forbes," he said, laughing.

By accusing the Oklahoma City Thunder of racism, Wayne probably doesn't plan on attending any Thunder home games in the future. However, if it came down to him, Weezy said that he would "never say never" when his manager suggested that he never return to the city's arena for sports events or concerts. In an attempt to clear the air, team spokesman Dan Mahoney stated that the team simply "didn't have the seats available." Hey Tunechi, look on the bright side, there's always Miami.  

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