LeBron James Has Unfollowed Cavaliers on Twitter and Instagram

Is LeBron trying to tell us something?

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Uh, why did LeBron James unfollow the Cleveland Cavaliers on Twitter and Instagram? Out of the 159 people he follows on Twitter and 74 people he follows on Instagram, the Cavs' social media accounts are nowhere to be seen. Is this a sign that James' days with the Cavaliers could be numbered? Or, is The King playing a trick on all of us? 

Since a video of LeBron and former Miami Heat teammate/BFF Dwyane Wadeworking out together surfaced, there has been some speculation that 'Bron 'Bron may want to take his talents back to South Beach, or elsewhere. However, it should be noted that on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, James still follows a bunch of his Cavaliers teammates. 

When asked about LeBron's recent social media activities, Wade kept his response short and to the point. 

Following the Cavaliers' 124-91 victory over the Denver Nuggets on Monday, LeBron was asked about unfollowing his own team on Twitter. 

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