Lamar Odom's 'Miraculous Recovery' Continues With Move to a New Facility

More great news for Lamar Odom.

Image via lamar.morales.odom on Instagram

Late Friday, Lamar Odom's family released the following statement with more good news regarding the health of the 14-year NBA player: "We announce his transition to the next stage of his miraculous recovery at a new facility."

In October, Odom was found unconscious in the Las Vegas brothel, the Love Ranch South in Pahrump, Nev. Since then, his health has been a roller coaster with information ranging from Lamar reportedly suffering 12 strokes to Odom opening his eyes and asking to see his kids. Recently, the news surfacing has been more on the positive side.

While the exact location of this new facility is unknown, Odom's family would prefer to keep it that way, adding, "We THANK ALL OF YOU GREATLY, your support has been paramount in helping to uplift us during these past few difficult months." 

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